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Discover even more reasons to eat your fruits and vegetables...

Secrets the secret services (and Big Food) don't want you to know!


  A message from The Poetical Institute Director: Octavia D. Dinkletrot


Octavia D. Dinkletrot

The Poetical Institute

London, UK


My very dearest children, parents, youth, and public at large,

Here at The Poetical Institute (est. 2016), our dedicated and industrious staff have painstakingly unearthed and illustrated the hidden, hush-hush, and occasionally hirsute secret and most peculiar properties of vegetables and fruits.

For your edification, jollification, nutritional betterment, and general audio-visual and cranial pleasure, these ancient and well-guarded secrets have, at long-last, been extracted, distilled, versified, illuminated, and collected in one comprehensive yet conveniently-sized portable reference volume.

Please enjoy sensibly.

Yours mostly sincerely,

Octavia D Dinkletrot (Signature) 

Octavia D. Dinkletrot

The Poetical Institute, Director


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Celebrity praise for The Poetical Institute's Peculiar Powers of Vegetables and Fruits!

“This book changed my life.”
          Rob O'Tandroid


Makes me wish I weren't a carnivore.”
          Dr. S. Hark


“Completely unputdownable.”
          Edward Gluehands

“Pseudoscience at its best!”
          Baron Ludwig won Wampyre


“Compelling theories. Needs more work to identify and fill gaps in the underlying evidence-base.”
          Professor Verily Anne Yu Trishanist

Extracts from The Poetical Institute's Peculiar Powers of Vegetables and Fruits



Broccoli Bravery

A great cure for nervousness: broccoli-hugging!
     Fear-no-more spiders, outsiders, or mugging!
          The munching of florets, tender and rare,
               Will even give courage to hug a great bear!

Broccoli Hugging


Kale Kraken

Kraken eats kale everywhere
     On the ground and in the air…
But his favourite place to grub
     Is deep within the bathing tub.

Kale Kraken

The illustrations are just beautiful

© JiaJia Hamner and Sharada Keats, 2020