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Who are we?

What we say about the Peculiar Powers of Vegetables and Fruits:

Children are surrounded by advertisements, promotions, and enticing marketing for junk foods: we want to generate some positive propaganda around fruits and vegetables!

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The Poetical Institute: Poetry for public health, welfare & edification


To provide poetical services for  

Public health, welfare, and edification 

In areas including but not limited to:  

  1. Vegetable Powers

  2. Secret Properties of Fruits

About our staff


Octavia D Dinkletrot



Octavia D. Dinkletrot was born in the wicker basket of a hot-air-balloon over the middle of the Mediterranean Ocean in the summer of 1865. She remains alive and well. She credits her extreme longevity to three main factors:

1. eating plenty of fruits (mainly blueberries)
2. always finishing her vegetables (including seaweed)
3. maintaining and feeding her abiding, all-consuming craving for and love of poetry

Octavia was appointed Director of The Poetical Institute at its foundation in the middle of this decade.
She lives on the Isle of Alpacas with three llamas, two fluffy sheep, a donkey, and a ginger cat. Her favourite vegetable / fruit is the tomato.

Sharada Keats


Sharada Keats was born in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia in 1982. She is of mixed Guyanese and UK heritage. She moved to Canada in 1992, where she met JiaJia at the turn of the century, in 1999!

After studying and working for a while, Sharada moved to the UK in 2006.

She loves learning and writing about food, but more than that, she loves eating it. She spends a lot of her time working for an international organisation dedicated to getting more people to eat better.

She lives in South East London with her partner Mark, son Jonah, and their cat Molly.

Sharada likes all sorts of poetry, whether it rhymes or not.

Her favourite vegetable at the moment is rainbow chard.

JiaJia Hamner


JiaJia Hamner was born in Beijing in 1981. She moved to Canada when she was seven.

JiaJia is a freelance illustrator and author of 100+ webcomics (have a look at them here).

She spent a year in China studying traditional Chinese painting with her grand-aunt and uncle, both art teachers in the city of Chengde. JiaJia also has an Associate’s Degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

She spent two years as a maths & physics teacher, before dedicating herself full-time to illustration.

JiaJia now lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband Chris and their cat Butters. When she's not drawing or looking after Butters, JiaJia enjoys playing classical piano and violin.

JiaJia originally went to the US to study physics and has a physics PhD in atomic physics.

Her favourite fruit, this week, is Dragonfruit.


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Adopt a motto!

Amor Pomis Oleribusque

 Love Fruits and Vegetables

Non Sine Veritate

Not Without Truth

Ex Pomis Oleribusque Fortitudo

Through Fruit and Vegetables, Strength

Quasi Veritas Poetica

Quasi Truthful Poetry

Longo Vivas Tempore Et Bene Sit

Live Long and Prosper

In Poetica Summa Sanitatem

Poetry For Total Wellness

Veritas, Justitia, Et Poetico Via

Truth, Justice, and the Poetical Way

Libero Animo

Free Your Imagination

Vorsprung Durch Poesie

Advancement Through Poetry



...Or imagine your own!


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