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Available online and in many great libraries and bookshops

Get ready to discover even more reasons to eat your fruit & veg!

Peculiar Powers is Out Now


Check your local library for The Poetical Institute's Peculiar Powers of Vegetables and Fruits. If they don't have a copy, see if they can order one in!

The world's largest collection of modern poetry in the world - at the Southbank Centre in London also has a copy of Peculiar Powers!


Tiny Tree

Tiny Tree Children's Books is a small but mighty independent publisher. Their tagline: Publishing With Ideals.

Located just outside Manchester, they are one of very few publishers based in the north of the UK.

Indie publishers have high unit costs and work really hard to champion new and under-represented voices, and to bring unusual books to market.

At The Poetical Institute, we love working with Tiny Tree. Their staff and management are brilliant, their ethos is amazing, and they are wonderfully supportive of three things that matter very much to us:

  • Poetry for kids
  • Healthy diets for kids
  • Representation and diversity in kids books

Order PECULIAR POWERS from Tiny Tree here


Waterstones began in 1982 and have grown into a household name in the UK since. They employ over 3,000 wonderful booksellers across more than 280 bookshops.

Order PECULIAR POWERS from Waterstones here


Foyles is a renowned independent bookstore, with a history dating as far back as 1903. They have four London bookstores as well as one in Birmingham, Bristol and Chelmsford.

Their website offers free delivery in the UK, as well as click-and-collect options.

Order PECULIAR POWERS from Foyles here

Your local indie bookshop

Search 'bookshop near me' if you dont know who they are! These wonderful characterful shops need our support. If they don't have a book in stock, they are usually more than happy to order one in for us.


Hive began in 2011, retailing books online - but they also help independent bookshops. "We don't want any more independent bookshops to close. That's why we give them a cut from every single order on Hive."

Order PECULIAR POWERS from Hive here


Okay - if you must... We use it too!

What about leaving us a review to tell us what you think? We love to hear from you and reviews are a great way to support artists, poets, and small publishers!

Order PECULIAR POWERS from Amazon here

Book depository

Not in the UK? From Andorra to Canada to the US to Vietnam, Book Depository offers FREE delivery to over 100 countries worldwide.

We recommend this option if you're purchasing outside the UK (yes, you Mum)

Order PECULIAR POWERS from Book depository here


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